Saturday, December 24, 2011

Photo courtesy of Jeremy King Photography (aka Dad)

May your days be merry and bright! I know this little guy--despite being a whole heap of work--has made our life much, much brighter! And next week, he turns 1!  Stay tuned for photos of the extravaganza!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Photo courtesy of Jeremy King Photography (aka Dad)

How sad! It's Christmas Eve-Eve and I'm uploading a Halloween picture! I am notoriously bad for letting photos sit on a memory card forever and never getting them printed! This is from Alex's first Halloween, obviously. We had just moved into our new neighborhood about 1 week earlier. Taking the kid around to collect candy was a nice way to get out and meet the new neighbors--and get some candy for mom!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I just ordered these from Nine West. They are sold out at Macy's, Amazon, and Zappos. Hope they fit!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A few months ago I purchased a LV Neverfull.  It can hold my files for court, cloth diapers, snacks, etc.  It's NEVERFULL!  However, it's not that easy to find anything since the bag has became my life's catchall.  Recently, on a rainy afternoon, Alex and I decided to check out a small grocery in our new neighborhood.   It was not all that, so we headed back to the car. I was elbow deep into the Neverfull with one arm and 20lb baby in the other.  The keys were nowhere to be found. I felt like I was playing the strike game on The Price is Right; hoping to pull out the winning number--or keys in this instance.  Despite searching the depths of the Neverfull for what could have very well been 15 minutes, I broke down and called thaKing to come to our rescue since he would undoubtedly be there quicker than AAA (despite the inevitable lecture that AAA does not come with).  So now it's time to get organized so I don't loose my keys, gold Starbucks card, wallet, iPhone, etc.  I found this fantastic item on Etsy.  Etsy has everything! Love it!  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo courtesy of Simple Grace Photography, Danielle Davis Pousette.

Shhhewww, where has the summer gone.  On June 15th we placed our house on the market.  Last Monday we closed on the old house and on our new house.  The last few months were spent keeping our house spotless just in case that potential buyer wanted to stop by and make an offer.  That offer finally came and we spent the next few weeks packing and then moving.  Uhhh moving! How do we accumulate so much STUFF!  Nonetheless, in between all of the hard work, Alex has expanded our social life into the realm of birthday parties!  We've been to three birthday parties in the last three months, all attributable to Alex's little friends.  One party was at the Little Gym.  Being a working mom, I had no idea this place even existed.  Basically it's a padded room with balls, slides and bars to swing on.  I had to get over the germ factor!  It was so great seeing all the babies interact with one another.  Alex's birthday is coming up and hopefully we have the house put together in time for that "first birthday, happy new year, we survived without killing ourselves, each other, or the baby party!".  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On a whim, I added these to my shopping cart on Amazon.  Something about prime shipping and speedy checkouts inspire me to shop!  thaKing declared these are the ugliest shoes he has ever seen! The heel measures approximately 4.75" and the platform measures approximately 1.25".  I am now trying to determine what in the world I am going to wear them with. Any suggestions??


Saturday, October 1, 2011

First comes the push gift, which you earn for lugging around 40 extra pounds in your belly and ass and pushing a 9lb baby out of your vag.  I think there should also be a "I survived the first year gift".  We have a had a great first year as parents. The first few weeks were rather shaky. We, like all new parents (more so me), were trying to figure out what the hell we were doing, trying to sort through all the info I we read in all those books, info we learned from classes, the interweb, and everyone's two cents, in order to be perfect, all the while being sleep deprived.  Alex is a happy baby and great sleeper (just like his mom), so that has made our path much easier, I'm sure. Nonetheless, I want my "I didn't pack my bags and leave", "I didn't neglect the baby", "I didn't kill my husband", whatever you want to call it gift! Here's an idea:
Bony Levy jewelry

Bony Levy jewelry (see more white gold diamond jewelry)

Friday, September 23, 2011

The first contract on our house fell through. The elderly gentleman that entered into the contract to purchase our home never presented proof of financing, so we kept his earnest money.  Thanks for providing the funding for the inspection on our hope to be 'new' home, old guy!  Within 2 weeks we had another contract on our house! Who says the housing market is bad?  All is a go but for the buyer's appraisal to be completed on our house.  Given that I'm a pessimist, I don't want to pack a single thing until that appraisal is done. I just feel like something is going to fall through.  Yet, that doesn't stop me from spending hours minutes on Pinterest, pinning new kitchen ideas, playroom ideas, etc.  Here are some thoughts so far for the kitchen, but it will have to be on a smaller scale:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Given that we may, or may not be on the move (more to come on that snafu later), I've started using Pinterest to log my home decorating ideas and other pretties that I do not want to lose track of, from the interweb.  Facebook has bored me for quite some time.  I don't care what new cow you have for your farm.  It is a huge waste of time.  Then I find Pinterest to waste my time in a more 'productive' way.  I already have a pin board of possible Halloween costumes for Alex and crafty ideas for around the house, as well as ideas for remodeling the kitchen of the house we may or may not be moving into!  So follow me on Pinterest to see what I find next.  Pinterest is like CRACK, so don't say you weren't warned!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

thaKing and I have been looking for a house for oh, at least the last two years.  We are extremely picky and don't have an infinite budget.  After seeing this one house for months and months on the local MLS, with it's bold paint colors and cluttered rooms, the price was reduced and suddenly it became worthy of a drive by.  It is in the neighborhood where one of my best friends from high school lives with her family, pool and tennis courts.  The house is on a culdesac (perfect for the kid =PFTK), playset in the back yard (PFTK), bigger yard (perfect for the kid/dog=PFTK/D), basement (PFTK/D) and two more bedrooms than we currently have (perfect for the grandmas=PFTG).  The initial counter offer came with a demand to list our house with a realtor within one week.  We pretty much said eff' off, your house is listed with a major broker and has been on the market for MONTHS!  So we did FSBO.  After busting our asses cleaning and hiding junk, in preparation for open houses, with no results, rushing home after work to clean/hide crap for people that stayed less time than trick or treaters, almost 90 days later we have a contract! In your face realtors and your 6% commission!

Being the pessimist, I am trying not to get too excited. But, I can't help but think of how I want to decorate and fill the rooms.  Alex won't be using this anytime soon, but I'm thinking it may be a must for his 3rd birthday.
I'm not a big fan of themes, but damn this is cute, and it would match the bright yellow hall bath that will be Alex's:
We will also need new patio furniture since the haggler that made an offer on our house wanted 'extras' thrown in, which included the rusty wrought iron patio furniture that I was tired of anyway. 

If all works out, I plan on having a lot of fun decorating this new slate!  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Would it be wrong to purchase this for Alex and then enter him in the World Chicken Festival baby pageant?   I know he would most certainly win!
I know! Over a month of not posting and this is what I come up with!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm in serious need of a new hairdo. I've went blonderexic for a change, but the cut is now blahh. I need to spice it up but still be low maintenance since I'm a busy working mom. I'm liking Brooklyn Decker's new cut, but it entails fixing, which it's gotta be easy for me to keep up. Thoughts?

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Big Al", as Uncle Krusty so affectionately refers to Alex, did not care so much for Uncle Krusty's pool.  An hour of getting ready, only led to crying for every second that Alex was in the pool. I think swim lessons at the YMCA or time in Elka's baby pool may be in order.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day will forever be bitter sweet for me.  Last year on Father's Day, I spent the day in the hospital with my best friend, my dad, as he was in the end of life stage of cancer. I deeply cherish all the time and memories I have of him, but I especially hold that last Father's Day with him close to my heart.  As he lay there weak, he still gave me heartfelt smiles and held my hand. I wish I had been able to spend more time with him in those final days, but we had both said everything we had to to each other throughout the years, not just in this final weeks.  I think of him every day, and when I start to get sad, like when I hear a particular Tom T. Hall song that reminds me of him, I find peace in knowing how honored I am to have been his daughter, learned from him, and blessed to have had such a wonderful relationship with him.  Now I see my son with my husband and how they both light up at the mere sight of each other.  I hope they will have as close a bond as my dad and I.  And I will make sure Alexander Grant will know how great his namesake, Papaw Charles Grant, was.    

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've been thinking about writing this post for sometime.  No one in my immediate family breastfed (BF) their children so I had no idea what to expect.  Friends had either forgotten details or feigned memory loss in order to spare how hard BF'ing can sometimes be.  All and all, I knew it was the choice for me since breast is best.  I read all of the BF info in What to Expect the First Year and even went to a BF'ing class.  The main thing I took from the class was an image of a baby attached to what looked like a flesh colored bean bag chair.  That thing was huge compared to that baby's tiny head!  

When Alex was born he swallowed a lot of fluid.  I didn't get to nurse him immediately.  I thought "Great! How would we ever bond like all the books said!?".  I feared he was going to grow up hating me!  I finally got to attempt to nurse him 3 hours later and I began crying immediately when he wouldn't latch. thaKing was there to comfort me (this will be featured in the montage for his husband/father of the year award!) and explain, just like we learned in class, this is new to me and the baby, and we both have to learn how this all works.  A nurse came in and helped me with positioning.  You can look at pictures of holds all you want, but until you get that real live, moving baby, the pictures may as well be maps of the former Soviet Union. It worked! Alex latched and there was a little 'aw' sound that let me know he was swallowing that priceless colostrum.  That was one of the best moments ever. Here was this tiny person that we made, I gave birth to, and was getting his only means of nourishment from me.  We had trouble with latching/positioning again and a nurse helped me and got us back on track, again.  Just like golf lessons, as long as I have the pro to line me up perfectly, I can be the next Annika Sorenstam.  How would I nurse him when I got home? 

Our last day in the hospital, my milk came in.  I woke up to two huge cantaloupes on my chest.  Alex had his very own bean bag chairs--yet they were not as soft as bean bag chairs, more like coconuts.  In the class I learned you can become very emotional when the milk arrives.  I remember thinking "whatever, that won't happen to me."  I was a freaking basket case! I could barely compose myself to talk to the midwife that came into discharge me. I almost lost it when the photo person showed us the slide show of Alex's 'hospital' photos.  So yes, apparently I too became a stereotypical, hormonal, emotional wreck!

We did great when we got home.  However with the constant feedings, I felt like a Holstein cow.  I skipped applications of udder cream in the middle of the night occasionally.  This resulted in baby vampire mouth! My nips became sore and cracked and eventually started bleeding.  It was such a sad sight to see Alex delatch and have blood on the outside corners of his lips.  Of course he notice no difference.  The internet can be your enemy. I read let the nips air dry, put wet tea bags on them...yep, all that made it worse.  Use the udder cream religiously at first!  Eventually when your nips turn into leather like an old nude Euro sunbather, you won't need it anymore.(Please disregard the forthcoming lack of transition--however I did mention there would be ramblings).

No one mentioned the pin-like stabbing sensation in the nips for about the first 12 seconds of nursing.  While cringing, I remember doing the countdown so I would know the pain was almost over.  One day that pain just vanished without much notice, other than the realization that there is no longer a porcupine rolling around on my headlights. Apparently I developed nips of steel, or at least so I thought. 

On my first day back to work, I was stuck in dependency neglect and abuse court for 3 hours. This was the first day away from my boy, and did I need my pump!  I felt as if I was about to spray the whole courtroom with breast milk!  There I was representing deadbeats that can't give up drugs to take care of their kids (much less caffeine and sushi like I had) and I desperately needed to get on with the process of delivering up a bag of nourishment for my son.  One attorney suggested getting a manual pump and going to the restroom to pump. That was an idea, yet disgusting. Have you seen the people that go to courthouses?!  I'm not talking about just the lawyers either.

Speaking of, I'm getting so tired of pumping. I am quickly approaching the 4 month mark of being a mother pumper.  I really want to resist giving Alex formula.  My milk is better for him, and plus, it's free! Another reason to justify spending money on my Starbucks (be it decaf) addiction!  

A few weeks ago while nursing Alex, I felt this sharp pain in the headlight. Was the porcupine back? Doubtful. Alex has been gnawing away on his thumb so we knew teeth were on their way. thaKing dared to stick his finger in there, and sure enough, Alex has 2 teeth about to debut on the bottom.  I now see why a lot of moms stop BF'ing at around 6 months!  TEETH!    I admire those that make it 1 year and those superheroes (usually SAHMs) that make it 18 months or so.  How can this be done? I want to throw my pump out the window and not risk having my boobs bitten off by my infant!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Alex is quickly approaching 6 months of age! We had the go ahead from our brilliant pediatrician to start some solids at 4 months, but we decided to wait until the 6 month mark in order to reduce the risk of food allergies, even though they do not run in our families.  Tomorrow, I am going to a First Spoonfuls class on making your own baby food. I can't wait! The class is taught by a nutritionist that I went through pre-natal yoga with.  While I was blowing up, she was still her beautiful slender self with only a baby bump.  But I digress.  thaKing and I eat pretty healthy, well at least for me at dinner. He eats healthy all the time and that's why our body fat percentages differ by double digits.  I digress yet again.  

Since we are eating things such as sweet potatoes, butternut squash (winter), and basically unprocessed foods, it should be no trouble to fix a little pureed side for Alex.  However, MODG just posted an entry about the book, Baby Led Weaning, where you skip the purees and go straight to actual real solid food.  WTF? Alex has no teeth! How can he eat solid, solid food? Apparently they suck the nutrients out and learn to eat like real people without choking and dying. Oh, I am going to be that person in the Spoonfuls class that asks about this just to throw a wrench in the works!

Speaking of stirring things up...something I am not looking forward to, all the CRAP! I readily shout the praises of cloth diapers like the biggest earth mother.  However, I'm awaiting my own reevaluation of the cloth diaper situation when the diet changes. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alex is 5 months old now and a barrel of laughs!  He's ALL boy since he finds great humor in simple sounds of flatulence impersonations. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I just cleaned out my closet and have engaged in a self imposed shopping halt. But then, I saw this pretty dress.I so need this dress sported by the always lovely, Halle Berry.  I have searched all over the interwebs for it and cannot find it. Any one know where I can find this dress or something very similar?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I've always appreciated everything my mom has done for me and celebrated her on mother's day.  She is selfless and loves me unconditionally.  Nonetheless, I didn't expect the fiercely intense love I would have for my son.  My son.  Seems so amazing to write that.  He is only 18 weeks old, but I would kill for him if I had to.  I totally get that "momma grizzly" identity now.  

Being a mother truly is the hardest and most rewarding job ever.  It's not just a cliche.  The only time I sit down many nights is  for nursing or eating dinner, myself.  Sometimes there is a combination of both.  I never know what the morning will hold.  Will Alex wake up at 5 am or 7am?  I have never been known as a morning person, but when he flashes me that gummy smile, the clock stops and the longing of wanting to be fast asleep fades away.  Mother's Day  was one of those mornings.  After Alex's 6:30 am feeding I tucked him in bed with us. How I love those moments, laying next to his tiny being, hearing him breath and the sense that he is so secure knowing that I am there to take care of him.  Alex did get me a gift certificate for a 1 hour massage, but nap time together, gummy smiles, and some laughs were the best gifts ever, but it won't be necessary to return that gift certificate.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The copy is already out!  For those wanting to attempt to look as stunning and classy as Princess Catherine, simply go to Nordstrom and drop $698.