Thursday, October 29, 2009

How cute and stylish is this? I know a giant white dog that may be getting one. At Molly Mutt you can order these lovely duvets, along with stuff sack which you fill with all of those old t shirts, socks, etc. Way more haute and green than the run of the mill dog bed!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Elka turned 1 this past Friday! She is such a big girl now! She listens better and is readily eager to please. Weighing in a 75 pounds (and still growing) she is a big white mountain of love!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Washington State University just started shipping their wonderful, award winning, cheeses to KY. I immediately placed an order for some Cougar Gold, a white cheddar, on Monday. I was so surprised to open our refrigerator on Wednesday to find the Cougar Gold had arrived! It's only $18 for a 30 oz. can. Go Cougars!

Fall is here! The opening day of Keeneland was plagued by a monsoon so I did not deem it worthy of attending. Hopefully next Friday the weather will be better. Regardless, tomorrow thaKing and I are going down the road to Boyds Orchards to pick out some pumpkins. I hope they have the ghost pumpkins! I plan to make butternut squash casserole or soup for dinner (still undecided on which). Sunday we are going to brunch at Jonathan's in Gratz Park, thanks to taking care of a traffic ticket for someone. I love getting paid in gift cards!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Last evening we went and looked at a house that is for sale in the Stonewall neighborhood. It is on 1/2 acre and has a fabulous yard! A yard...not a .10 acre yard, but 1/2 acre. However, the house is slightly smaller than the one we live in currently. It is really hard to envision how our furniture will fit in another house...given that we bought our present house and pretty much all the furniture that goes in it, simultaneously. Then there is the whole "can we sell our house" issue! I fear change.

Tonight, we (and by we I mean me, thaKing and Elka) are all just laying around catching up on the DVR since thaKing and I were both gone last week. Tomorrow will be spent watching the Tide roll over the Cats, I'm sure. On Sunday I am going to London to spend time with the parents and see my sister and nephew Parker. I haven't seen him in forever so I can't wait. Somewhere in the midst of all that I hope to find time to plant the mums I bought during last week's monsoon. I need another vacation or to win Powerball.