Friday, June 11, 2010

My Dad is in the late stage of  prostate cancer.  I, along with so many supportive family members and friends, have been there every step of the way through surgery, chemo, and trips to Duke for a research study in which he was a participant.  It is truly heartbreaking to watch my hero go through something so debilitating, especially when it feels like there is so very little I can do to help.  I just wish I could fix him or help him be more comfortable. 

Nonetheless, hopefully I am able to really help someone else beat cancer.  Several months ago, I checked out the National Marrow Donor Program.  I signed up to join the registry and received a kit in the mail a few days later.  All I had to do was answer a few questions and collect a swab of cheek cells to return to the NMDP to be placed on the registry to possibly be matched with someone down the road for a potential bone marrow transplant.  I encourage you all to do this.  You never know.  You may just have the right marrow to help save someone's life.