Father's Day

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day will forever be bitter sweet for me.  Last year on Father's Day, I spent the day in the hospital with my best friend, my dad, as he was in the end of life stage of cancer. I deeply cherish all the time and memories I have of him, but I especially hold that last Father's Day with him close to my heart.  As he lay there weak, he still gave me heartfelt smiles and held my hand. I wish I had been able to spend more time with him in those final days, but we had both said everything we had to to each other throughout the years, not just in this final weeks.  I think of him every day, and when I start to get sad, like when I hear a particular Tom T. Hall song that reminds me of him, I find peace in knowing how honored I am to have been his daughter, learned from him, and blessed to have had such a wonderful relationship with him.  Now I see my son with my husband and how they both light up at the mere sight of each other.  I hope they will have as close a bond as my dad and I.  And I will make sure Alexander Grant will know how great his namesake, Papaw Charles Grant, was.    

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valerie said...

I had no idea Brandi.
I am so sorry. This is a beautiful post. And you looked amazing on your wedding day. I love the picture with your dad.

Enjoy that sweet baby boy. Time flies, doesn't it?