Christmas Wish List

Saturday, October 1, 2011

First comes the push gift, which you earn for lugging around 40 extra pounds in your belly and ass and pushing a 9lb baby out of your vag.  I think there should also be a "I survived the first year gift".  We have a had a great first year as parents. The first few weeks were rather shaky. We, like all new parents (more so me), were trying to figure out what the hell we were doing, trying to sort through all the info I we read in all those books, info we learned from classes, the interweb, and everyone's two cents, in order to be perfect, all the while being sleep deprived.  Alex is a happy baby and great sleeper (just like his mom), so that has made our path much easier, I'm sure. Nonetheless, I want my "I didn't pack my bags and leave", "I didn't neglect the baby", "I didn't kill my husband", whatever you want to call it gift! Here's an idea:
Bony Levy jewelry

Bony Levy jewelry (see more white gold diamond jewelry)

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