Solid Like a Rock

Friday, June 3, 2011

Alex is quickly approaching 6 months of age! We had the go ahead from our brilliant pediatrician to start some solids at 4 months, but we decided to wait until the 6 month mark in order to reduce the risk of food allergies, even though they do not run in our families.  Tomorrow, I am going to a First Spoonfuls class on making your own baby food. I can't wait! The class is taught by a nutritionist that I went through pre-natal yoga with.  While I was blowing up, she was still her beautiful slender self with only a baby bump.  But I digress.  thaKing and I eat pretty healthy, well at least for me at dinner. He eats healthy all the time and that's why our body fat percentages differ by double digits.  I digress yet again.  

Since we are eating things such as sweet potatoes, butternut squash (winter), and basically unprocessed foods, it should be no trouble to fix a little pureed side for Alex.  However, MODG just posted an entry about the book, Baby Led Weaning, where you skip the purees and go straight to actual real solid food.  WTF? Alex has no teeth! How can he eat solid, solid food? Apparently they suck the nutrients out and learn to eat like real people without choking and dying. Oh, I am going to be that person in the Spoonfuls class that asks about this just to throw a wrench in the works!

Speaking of stirring things up...something I am not looking forward to, all the CRAP! I readily shout the praises of cloth diapers like the biggest earth mother.  However, I'm awaiting my own reevaluation of the cloth diaper situation when the diet changes. Stay tuned.

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