Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When I was preggo with Alex, thaKing and I went to a great class to learn about lactation.  There is a TON of information on how to get these little suckers to latch and how to keep up your supply. But how do I stop breastfeeding!! Don't get me wrong; it's the best diet ever and (knock on wood) Alex has been relatively healthy, especially compared to that kid at the sitter's that drank generic formula.  He is now 14.5 months old and I have tried to wean him.  We are down to 2 nursings/day.  Cutting back on the night feeding hasn't been difficult because he is usually full from dinner and tired.  But the morning feeding! Oy vey! Occasionally he will accept his sippy cup of milk with no problem.  However, this morning I presented him with his new dinosaur sippy cup full of delicious omega 3 fortified organic whole milk and he took a few sips and smiled.  Then, the screaming started.  Not just that "I can't breath because I'm sobbing" but ear piercing, blood curdling screaming.  I'm sure the neighbors could hear.  He shoved away the dinosaurs and his favorite frog, Dougie. He only wanted the boob. After a few minutes, I finally gave into him.  Apparently, I may as well join La Leche because Alex is going to be 5 before he gives up the boob.  I just want me back! I want to be able to use Latisse, get that glyco peel I have a groupon for, and use my botox gift certificate!  Plus, I need the freedom. I'm going to see Wilco in Alabama in May.  Woo hoo! Alex will gladly take a sippy cup of milk any other time, but will he take it from thaKing, first thing in the morning, when I'm gone? I've read about putting lemon juice or vinegar on your nips to discourage the baby, but that seems rather cruel.  You are taking the thing they have had everyday of their life that has brought them comfort and nourishment--and purposefully making it disgusting.  Why can't he be one of those babies that just says "aaa I don't want that anymore?"  Any tips would be appreciated.