Token Baby Post and Catch Up

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo courtesy of Simple Grace Photography, Danielle Davis Pousette.

Shhhewww, where has the summer gone.  On June 15th we placed our house on the market.  Last Monday we closed on the old house and on our new house.  The last few months were spent keeping our house spotless just in case that potential buyer wanted to stop by and make an offer.  That offer finally came and we spent the next few weeks packing and then moving.  Uhhh moving! How do we accumulate so much STUFF!  Nonetheless, in between all of the hard work, Alex has expanded our social life into the realm of birthday parties!  We've been to three birthday parties in the last three months, all attributable to Alex's little friends.  One party was at the Little Gym.  Being a working mom, I had no idea this place even existed.  Basically it's a padded room with balls, slides and bars to swing on.  I had to get over the germ factor!  It was so great seeing all the babies interact with one another.  Alex's birthday is coming up and hopefully we have the house put together in time for that "first birthday, happy new year, we survived without killing ourselves, each other, or the baby party!".  

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Rick Smith said...

I find the idea of a party in a padded room to be rather comforting....