Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day is so much fun! I feel like voting on election day is the essence of being an American. I swell up with pride knowing that I have the freedom to display yard signs and bumper stickers promoting the candidate I support. Plus, just knowing that women literally suffered for me to have the right to vote is amazing and their efforts should never be forgotten. Even if it's some lame state primary for agricultural commissioner, I vote. People in some countries die for supporting the wrong candidate or voicing their beliefs. USA! USA! USA!

Anyway, thaKing and I walked around the corner to the old people condos' clubhouse to vote. The weather was perfect and we only had to wait about 20 minutes. We then went to get our free coffee at Starbucks. There, we waited in line again. No worries though. It was great being part of everyone coming together to participate in our democracy, and consume free caffeine, regardless if they're voting for THAT ONE or THIS ONE. And hopefully, THAT ONE wins and it will be a happy ending to this beautiful election day.