Monday, July 28, 2008

I started a blog to mainly document all the things we do and keep in touch with friends and family. I have been so busy this month that I have, God forbid, neglected to blog. Where to start...My friend Lindsay turned 30! I am sure she appreciates the advertising. She also obtained a new job as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. Are you reading this FBI? I am so proud of her! The criminals of the Eastern District of Kentucky better straighten up or move out because she is one tough cookie!
I attended a tea party in Glendale, in honor of my friend Angela who is getting married in September. I saw Amish people there! Are you reading this Ami....of course not. I had never been to a tea party before, but it was loads of fun! We wore hats and ate lots of tiny food. You would never think you would get so full, but you do. I really needed to watch some Nascar or football to come down from my girly high afterwards.

Most importantly, though,I had a birthday! Each year I get older and the birthdays become less important. I do however enjoy wildly spending money on myself. I spent my birthday with thaKing, Mitch and Susan Z, and BT at Mi Piquena for dinner. My picture finally graces the wall there, and it is so horrible. Maybe next year. Susan was so sweet and had Brandy from Sad Kroger make a sombrero cake for me. Everyone should have a sombrero cake!

Lastly, to catch all two of you up that read this blog, Ramsey, a bunco girl, got hitched this weekend. Everything was absolutely beautiful. thaKing was not pleased to hear that this wedding is how my next one will be. We arrived at the wedding, which was at Ramsey's sister's house that backed up to a golf course, and were encouraged to head to the bar for a cocktail before the wedding started. Basically it was a big cocktail party with a wedding briefly held in the middle.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FREE- education class this Saturday, July 12th

Do you want to make sure your dog or cat has a pearly white smile? If so join Lexington Humane Society for a free class to learn how to keep your pet's teeth sparkling clean. Join Dr. Pinkston from Lansdowne Veterinary Clinic & Dental Center as he teaches how to ensure your pets have proper dental care. Learn about, periodontal disease (stages 1-4), periodontal health risks, home care dentistry (brushing, sealants, treats), a new periodontal vaccine, and info about a professional health cleaning. This FREE information seminar will provide the knowledge to ensure your pet has proper dental care. Reservations to attend this seminar are required. To register please contact Katherine Pinero at or 233.0044 ext. 231

Time: 11am
Location: Lexington Humane Society Adoption Center Conference Room

thaKing thinks it is very weird that I have a near stranger's dog as my desktop image...but the image of Heather Armstrong's dog, Chuck, in a wig just makes me happy. Of course, this image is so last week for those of you that heeded my advice to read the Dooce.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Desperate for gas, I stopped at Speedway on Limestone today on my way home from work. The big sign read regular gas was $4.15/gallon, just like everywhere else in town. Regardless, I had to stop and get screwed by OPEC, once again, because the bravada's low fuel light had been on for my way into work and refused to go off.

After cussing the pump because it did not accept my zip code entry, a new part of prepay, immediately, I noticed the price of premium gas on the pump read $3.34! WTF??!! Some Sasquatch woman at the pump adjacent to mine said "Is this for real?". I asked if she read the same price and she did! Needless to say, I felt like I screwed OPEC today! I filled up with premium gas for $3.34/gallon! I proceeded to call everyone I know! I felt like I was stealing, but my friend Susan assured me I wasn't since when she went there to fill up, after my spread of the good news, a cop was next to her filling up his cruiser. So it must have been a legit gift.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Back on May 6 I was wondering through the yards of Stonewall, with Julie, looking for Turbo. I stumbled upon this clearly abandoned white brick house with a huge yard and run down pool. I pictured the kids I don't have (and not sure I even want) playing basketball in the driveway and thaKing mowing the lawn with a riding mower, because the yard is that big. However, the dream died two months later. Today, we toured the inside and learned the asking price. I watch a lot of HGTV and know that you have to see past the old flooring, bad wallpaper, mold, and dilapidated pool. However, when the owner wants near the price of a completely flipped home, in the same hood, you can no longer see past those items and the disappointment that you thought would exist is completely absent. I find it unreasonable to be a slave to a mortgage payment and the house as well.