Monday, June 22, 2009

Pretty in Pink Megan is giving away a CUSTOM-DESIGNED HEADER from Front Porch. Stop by and check her new layout (which is fab) and register!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Where were these stamps when thaKing and I got married? How perfect would that have invitations adorned with the usual love stamps, but not just any love stamps--love stamps fit for a King and Queen. The five year anniversary is coming up...maybe we should throw a "Can't Believe We Made it this Long" party and use these on the invitations! Also, if you haven't caught on, we're not pretentious, just the last name is King and we were tagged with the nicknames, thaKing and Queen, by one of our friends.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How can I seem to be so busy and not even have a 'nury' kid? May was quite the whirlwind. You may have caught on due to the lack of posts. My parents and I traveled to Duke University to determine if my dad was appropriate for any of their clinical trials. We learned from very hot, Dr. George, that dad has a good prognosis, given that the prostate cancer has not spread to his bones or organs and there are treatment options still available. It looks like we will soon be returning to Duke, where my dad will be in a trial to receive a drug that was just recently approved for treatment of kidney cancer and appears to work well in stabilizing other cancers. To say we were reinvigorated with hope from all this news would be quite the understatement.

On a sadder note, I went home to London over Memorial Day weekend to say goodbye to one of the dearest, sweetest ladies. My BFF Lindsey's grandmother, Mary Ray Luker (aka Granny) passed away. She was a beautiful lady bubbling over with excitement and spirit any time you saw her. She set the example for how to organize and throw a lovely party/luncheon. I always think whenever I'm hosting something, Granny would have done so much better. For example, she loosely tied thread around rose buds to prevent them from opening up prematurely. I bet she knew a trick or two that even Martha Stewart was not aware of! She always sent thoughtful thank you act that is sadly absent from today's culture. I will always cherish the time she took to take Lindsey and I to Shakertown for archeological digs, to see the Nutrcraker, and numerous shopping trips among many other things! Being considerate of others to the end, she planned her own funeral, years in advance. With jazzy upbeat music and wonderful poems, you could feel her presence. She will be truly missed.

Elka was gone for the month of May at boarding school to learn how to be a great dog. She was already good you see. Jeremy and I both feared she may come back with a broken spirit. Any change of personality lasted only about the first couple of hours that Elka was home. Then she was back to harrassing the cat and playing with squeaky dog. She learned lots while away at school. On command she waits patiently at doors until she is given the 'ok' to go through. Now if we could only get me trained on how to correct her for those rare opportunites that she messes up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Target is having a buy two get one free sandal sale thru 6/6! With so many faboulous finds, the $50 threshold to achieve free shipping is easy!