Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random photo from Google--not the actual Shitter
It takes a lot for me to get inspired to write a blog post as of late--especially non-baby related. We moved into our new house in October and love it, the yard, our quiet culdesac and neighbors--for the most part. We have one neighbor that lets his schnauzer just run loose through everyone's yard to freely do his business (the dog that is--not the neighbor).  thaKing is now working from home and witnessed Shadow the Schnauzer come over during the middle of the day---owner close behind, drop a deuce in our yard and then go home. He didn't even pick it up!  As thaKing was leaving the other day, there was Shadow dropping the bomb in another neighbor's yard.  That particular neighbor was looking bewildered trying to figure out why this dog was just taking a shit in his yard, and more importantly,  wondering who was going to pick it up.  Tonight during our rare family dinner, where we all eat together, thaKing looked out the windows to see Shadow doing what he does, in our backyard! He quickly raised the window and yelled "shit in your own yard, Shadow!".  I think that was the funniest thing I heard in two years.  I'm sure those words will comprise Alex's first complete sentence!