Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random photo from Google--not the actual Shitter
It takes a lot for me to get inspired to write a blog post as of late--especially non-baby related. We moved into our new house in October and love it, the yard, our quiet culdesac and neighbors--for the most part. We have one neighbor that lets his schnauzer just run loose through everyone's yard to freely do his business (the dog that is--not the neighbor).  thaKing is now working from home and witnessed Shadow the Schnauzer come over during the middle of the day---owner close behind, drop a deuce in our yard and then go home. He didn't even pick it up!  As thaKing was leaving the other day, there was Shadow dropping the bomb in another neighbor's yard.  That particular neighbor was looking bewildered trying to figure out why this dog was just taking a shit in his yard, and more importantly,  wondering who was going to pick it up.  Tonight during our rare family dinner, where we all eat together, thaKing looked out the windows to see Shadow doing what he does, in our backyard! He quickly raised the window and yelled "shit in your own yard, Shadow!".  I think that was the funniest thing I heard in two years.  I'm sure those words will comprise Alex's first complete sentence! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When I was preggo with Alex, thaKing and I went to a great class to learn about lactation.  There is a TON of information on how to get these little suckers to latch and how to keep up your supply. But how do I stop breastfeeding!! Don't get me wrong; it's the best diet ever and (knock on wood) Alex has been relatively healthy, especially compared to that kid at the sitter's that drank generic formula.  He is now 14.5 months old and I have tried to wean him.  We are down to 2 nursings/day.  Cutting back on the night feeding hasn't been difficult because he is usually full from dinner and tired.  But the morning feeding! Oy vey! Occasionally he will accept his sippy cup of milk with no problem.  However, this morning I presented him with his new dinosaur sippy cup full of delicious omega 3 fortified organic whole milk and he took a few sips and smiled.  Then, the screaming started.  Not just that "I can't breath because I'm sobbing" but ear piercing, blood curdling screaming.  I'm sure the neighbors could hear.  He shoved away the dinosaurs and his favorite frog, Dougie. He only wanted the boob. After a few minutes, I finally gave into him.  Apparently, I may as well join La Leche because Alex is going to be 5 before he gives up the boob.  I just want me back! I want to be able to use Latisse, get that glyco peel I have a groupon for, and use my botox gift certificate!  Plus, I need the freedom. I'm going to see Wilco in Alabama in May.  Woo hoo! Alex will gladly take a sippy cup of milk any other time, but will he take it from thaKing, first thing in the morning, when I'm gone? I've read about putting lemon juice or vinegar on your nips to discourage the baby, but that seems rather cruel.  You are taking the thing they have had everyday of their life that has brought them comfort and nourishment--and purposefully making it disgusting.  Why can't he be one of those babies that just says "aaa I don't want that anymore?"  Any tips would be appreciated.     

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Having a New Year's Eve birthday boy really makes December a marathon! At least that was definitely how I felt this year. I am a procrastinator. So my usual starting and finishing Christmas shopping the week before the holiday was not so easy while trying to make time for Alex. Then throw in planning his birthday party and shopping for a few birthday presents. I was so stressed that when I forgot to wear my bite guard to bed one night before the birthday party, thaKing woke me to inform me of the lack of bite guard since, so he claims, I was doing a great imitation of a garbage truck via teeth grinding. I'll note that I am not crafty at all! Just Lovely Katherine sewed the bunting, while I sat and watched. I attempted to make beautifully decorated sugar cookies. That was a fail. They were generic '1' shaped cookies with white royal icing. At midnight before the party, I discovered my gel dyes were completely dried up. Good thing I forewent the first time attempt at cake pops because that would have been another failure and I may have wound up injuring myself or something in a fit of rage!

How did mom's plan birthday parties before Etsy!? I had a custom made cake topper created by Michelle's Clay Corner from Etsy. Michelle totally recreated Sunny the Genuine Sock Monkee into a polymer clay cake topper that Alex can keep forever. Mimi's Babies created a lovely embroidered shirt. Pick your theme and you can find anything on Etsy to bring the theme to fruition.

The party came and Alex had a blast with his little friends and family. We basically had mini Gymboree in the basement--with a ball pit, tunnel, and parachute to boot. Our great friend, Danielle Pousette, of Simple Grace Photography, took photos during the party to give thaKing an opportunity to just sit back and enjoy his boy's party and not be the photog. Glenda the Cake Lady made a wonderfully delicious 2 tier cake and smash cake, yet Alex wanted nothing to do with it. Perhaps some of my OCD has rubbed off on him and he didn't want to get dirty. He absolutely refused to touch, let alone eat any of his cake! This was the moment we as parents had waited for! We didn't let Alex eat cake at other birthday parties since we wanted the first taste of cake to be HIS birthday cake. Then the kid just sits there and grimaces. However, he was shirtless and had about 25 people staring at him, so really who could blame him. We are so blessed to have a healthy happy baby! I thank God every day for this blessing he has given us.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Photo courtesy of Jeremy King Photography (aka Dad)

May your days be merry and bright! I know this little guy--despite being a whole heap of work--has made our life much, much brighter! And next week, he turns 1!  Stay tuned for photos of the extravaganza!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Photo courtesy of Jeremy King Photography (aka Dad)

How sad! It's Christmas Eve-Eve and I'm uploading a Halloween picture! I am notoriously bad for letting photos sit on a memory card forever and never getting them printed! This is from Alex's first Halloween, obviously. We had just moved into our new neighborhood about 1 week earlier. Taking the kid around to collect candy was a nice way to get out and meet the new neighbors--and get some candy for mom!