Christmas Movie Must Sees

Monday, December 15, 2008

Due to my bah humbug Christmas mood from last year, as previously mentioned, thaKing and I spent Christmas day at home last family, just us and the critters. Apparently Kroger closes on Christmas day so we could not even have a semblance of the traditional Christmas dinner. We scrounged up what there was to eat at the house and went to see Charlie Wilson's War, partly so we could eat popcorn. Even though we have Christmas planned to the hilt this year, with lots o' traveling, I still want to keep the new found tradition of going to the movies on Christmas day. There are several great movies that will be out, such as Four Christmases and Marley and Me. Love Reese and Jen. Plus, thaKing is a little Vince Vaugh/John Favreau combo.

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sara said...

I totally agree with your movie choices - particularly Marley & Me. Since our lab Pearl looks just like Marley (and probably acts like him, too), I think it would be fitting. Ryan doesn't want to see it, though - we never agree on movies! I'm on the fence about "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."