Midsummer Night's Run

Monday, August 11, 2008

Me, thaKing, and LA ran in the Midsummer Night's Run this past Saturday. It was so much fun! I highly recommend running with the Nike+. When the Nike Lady said "1 kilometer completed" it was so great to know exactly how far I'd already ran and that I wasn't using that much effort yet. Also, she helped me keep my pace and not kill myself with running two fast, like my last race. However, near the end the Nike Lady told me there was only 464 feet remaining. That seemed impossible at that point. The finish line was in sight, but yet so far away. I walked for about two steps then thaKing passed me, running. I would have none of that so I took every last bit of energy I had to catch up and pass his ass. We finished with the same chip time, but technically I crossed over in front of him. He's a great husband...I think he let me pass him. This was my first 5K. My main goals were to 1. finish, 2. beat thaKing, 3. finish in under 30 min. I achieved all my goals but the last...I finished in 30.15! Oh well, maybe next year.

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