Black and White Ball

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We had a 'ball' at the Black and White Ball, benefiting the Rape Crisis Center, last weekend. thaKing and I met our friends Susan, Mitch, Tonya, Matthew, and the other Susan. Supposedly, the other Susan's partner, Tom, was there, but I never saw him. Conveniently, thaKing filled in for picture time. The night was filled with drag queens and a wide array of people. The highlight, other than observing the shear amount of Maker's thaKing can consume, was this crazy hair demonstration starring Bradley and Mickey. I thought they were just two guys dressed like they were from an early 90's hairband and I learned they were part of the show. I feared for their victim, I mean client. By the way, we would like to thank Matthew and Tonya for inviting us to tag along. I can't wait till next year's ball!

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