WTF?? Gas for $3.34/Gallon

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Desperate for gas, I stopped at Speedway on Limestone today on my way home from work. The big sign read regular gas was $4.15/gallon, just like everywhere else in town. Regardless, I had to stop and get screwed by OPEC, once again, because the bravada's low fuel light had been on for my way into work and refused to go off.

After cussing the pump because it did not accept my zip code entry, a new part of prepay, immediately, I noticed the price of premium gas on the pump read $3.34! WTF??!! Some Sasquatch woman at the pump adjacent to mine said "Is this for real?". I asked if she read the same price and she did! Needless to say, I felt like I screwed OPEC today! I filled up with premium gas for $3.34/gallon! I proceeded to call everyone I know! I felt like I was stealing, but my friend Susan assured me I wasn't since when she went there to fill up, after my spread of the good news, a cop was next to her filling up his cruiser. So it must have been a legit gift.

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