The Dream House That Wasn't

Monday, July 7, 2008

Back on May 6 I was wondering through the yards of Stonewall, with Julie, looking for Turbo. I stumbled upon this clearly abandoned white brick house with a huge yard and run down pool. I pictured the kids I don't have (and not sure I even want) playing basketball in the driveway and thaKing mowing the lawn with a riding mower, because the yard is that big. However, the dream died two months later. Today, we toured the inside and learned the asking price. I watch a lot of HGTV and know that you have to see past the old flooring, bad wallpaper, mold, and dilapidated pool. However, when the owner wants near the price of a completely flipped home, in the same hood, you can no longer see past those items and the disappointment that you thought would exist is completely absent. I find it unreasonable to be a slave to a mortgage payment and the house as well.


Anonymous said...

Greatest married decision EVER-buy a house that the payment can be made by one income. Spend other cash on things that make you feel GOOD ie. 800 thread count sheets or higher. manicures and pedicures, pets, I-tunes and accessories, great running shoes, trips and more trips. That full price (maternity-ish) dress you want. I know this isn't really your email but what have you decided to do about the 3 day walk? JUST DO IT.

Angie said...

For some reason, picturing Jeremy on a riding mower just cracks me up!