Summer Lessons Learned

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This summer I've learned several important lessons. Number one, don't dance on top of Lexington 'skyscrapers' because you will soon be confronted by the police. (See previous post). Also, impatiens apparently love the shade. I moved my impatiens basket from the full sun of the back yard, to the front yard, where the gnomes thrive, since there is never any sun between the closely set Ball Homes. Now its blooms abound.

Second, after spending $350 + at the vet's office on Friday, I learned the o' so valuable lesson of don't abruptly change your cat's food! Our vet prescribed Ms. Ripley Kitty special food to help her troubled kidneys. Immiediatly I stopped the servings of Iam's indoor formula for Iam's KD formula. I was really busy last week during the food swap so all I noticed was that Ripley's food was being eaten...but not by whom. After being awakened to Ripley heaving her guts out at 4AM last Friday, and finding her lethargic thereafter, it was concluded that R.C. (a.k.a. Big Brown, Budha Belly, Speed Bump) was eating Ripley's food. Ripley nearly starved to death! And I am contemplating having a child?! Call Child Protective Services and Animal Control now! Anyway, I dropped Ripley off at the vet's office ASAP. The vet called later and said the abrupt food change most likely caused the condition. She was given some fluids and $1.25/can food which must be like KITTY CRACK b/c she loves it. Fortunately, Ms. Ripley is nearly back to normal now. We have to keep a close eye on Big Brown so she doesn't eat all of poor, starving, Ms. Ripley's food though.

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eosollied5 said...

The photos of Miss Riply and RC could be Newman and Turbo. The lay down roll over and pretend like you are dying must be a family trait.