Belated Birthday/Cinco de Mayo Post

Monday, June 2, 2008

thaKing celebrated his 32nd birthday on Cinco de Mayo. I am so jealous of his birthday! Everyone celebrates his! Anyway, despite having bronchitis and not being able to taste anything, let alone breath, I made thaKing a sombrero cake. I used a round cake pan for the bottom and a nifty mixing/pouring bowl from pampered chef to make the top. A la Barbie Doll cake. I found sombrero, pepper, cactus, and maraca candles at a cake decorating store in London. At least the candles made the cake look more recognizable of the true intent. It was a learning experience and enormous time consumer coloring the icing myself, but I heard it tasted good. Maybe someday thaKing will get another homemade cake, until that day comes, I am calling Magee's!
We went to dinner at Mi Piquena on his birthday. Our friends Mitch and Susan, as well as Russ and Julie joined us. BT and the College even made a rare appearance. We had a great time, but too bad we had to work the next day.

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