Home sweet home

Monday, June 2, 2008

I visited my parents this weekend in London. Growing up there, I never fully appreciated the wonderful place I lived. I grew up on 10 acres in the middle of the woods. Regular visitors included flying squirrels, deer, fox, wild turkey and of course that one raccoon which led to an unfortunate incident involving my leg and rabies shots. Yet, after living 10 feet away from my next door neighbors, and being within earshot of those living behind us, I truly appreciate my parents' home and where I was raised. My dad, as you can tell, simply can't understand why I would want to live anywhere else!

Dont' get me wrong. I love what we have done with our yard...but I have ran out of room to plant new things!

Below is my parents' back yard waterfall, next to which thaKing and I were married.

Mom enjoying the view from the top of the waterfall from a newly annexed part of the yard.

However, in mine and thaKing's tiny yard, we recently had the joy of waking up to two ducks resting in the yard.

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