Mad About Mad Men

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine
I am truly addicted to Mad Men.  The new cover of Rolling Stone proclaims Mad Men is the best show on TV.  I dare say it is one of the best shows on TV, ever!  It has the best writing of any show since the Sopranos, probably because Matthew Weiner was/is involved in both of them.  The era, the style, the symbolism!  This weeks episode is the best yet.  Don berates Peggy because, I think, he holds her to a higher standard than any of the other copywriters.  She is there because she earned the position, but only  because he put her there.  This is evident when he tells her she should wake up each morning and thank him ,and Jesus, that she has been given another day.  How else would a woman have that position?  They  know some of  each others secrets and yet truly see each other for what they are.  Can't wait until next week's episode!      

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Rick Smith said...

I don't follow it faithfully but catch episodes on demand when time permits. You're right, some of the best television writing out there (although that's not saying much).

Glad to see your post--we've missed hearing from you!