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Monday, September 27, 2010

Image courtesy of Creative Thursday
ThaKing and I are expecting our first (maybe only one depending on how this all goes ;) ) child in January!  It's a boy (Baby Boy King...BB for short) that is already measuring larger than average! Of course he is!  ThaKing and I were each over 9lbs. and all of our nephews have weighed in at over 9lbs.  each. I haven't been sick at all, so pregnancy fortunately has not been that bad.  I do sense sleeping will be becoming an issue. Stomach sleeping is of course ruled out and sleeping on the left side is the side of choice for those interested in reducing the likelihood of varicose veins.  Sleeping on the back is not advisable because of the  risk of putting too much weight on the vena cava artery which can cut  off circulation to BB.  So then  the only options are sleeping on your left or right side.  Now the left side is becoming less and less of an option.  I think while laying on my left side BB is resting on my sciatic nerve because there is a tingling sensation all the way down my left leg.  Oh the joys. I should have read What to Expect Before You Are Expecting!


valerie said...

Just wait until you are in the final phases and you feel you need a crane to move from the left to the right side.....
But let me tell you, it is all worth it. You will love having a baby boy. Boys love their Mama's like nobody's business.
I am really excited for you!

Rick Smith said...

Warmest congratulations! said...

I had no idea about the sleeping on the back!
I guess I need to move back to the left said, but that seems so hard now!