Take Pause

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the middle of drinking beer, enjoying the sunshine, and throwing money away on horses at Keeneland, Friday, I received a call from a dear friend, Ramsey.  She informed that she hoped she wasn't ruing my afternoon, but her husband, Robert, just found out he has a brain tumor.  That is so her to worry about everyone else first.  She continued to say, fortunately, that the tumor was operable and probably non-cancerous.

Ramsey and Robert were just married in 2008 and welcomed a beautiful baby boy in the fall of 2009.  No one is ever prepared for a situation such as this, let alone such a young family.  I truly think everything will be fine, but it does make me stop and think how truly blessed we are to get up everyday and be healthy enough to walk  or run with the dog, for instance.  Instead of wondering what to wear to Keeneland, or which hat to wear to the Derby, there are much much greater worries for some. Please remember them in your prayers.      

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