Thursday, April 29, 2010

So I tossed in the tried and true traditional pink and green bottle of mascara by Maybelline for a  shiny gold bottle of the lash lengthener from Yves St. Laurant.  I made the mistake of buying it with thaKing in tow.  Least to say there was some commentary about the $30 price tag.  Nonetheless, it works fabulously!  Long , luscious lashes.  The fact that I sometimes remember to use Latisse doesn't hurt either.  There is no phantom lash prints left trailing behind on my eyelids and little to no flaking.


thaKing said...

yes, and i'm still getting over that price tag!!

Katherine said...

just read on PIPM (always want to say/write PIMP) that the new Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal works just as well as this YSL. sorry king. too bad she didn't do her little review sooner!

Heather said...

Nice! Looks fab, I've never understood why I seem to be the ONLY person who Great Lash doesn't work just awesome for....seriously, what's the deal?!
Heather @