New Shoes (but not in the rain)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I've been hitting the treadmill pretty hard for me as of late.  This is mainly due to the 7lbs (+/-)  I gained since vacation in August.  I use that reference since after vacation, I may have went to the gym, which is only 3 minutes from my house, 3 times!  When I finally returned to the gym, along with the hoards of humanity on January 1st, I find the best personal trainer I have ever had has left!  Buh bye, barbell barbie :(  She was the fourth trainer I have worked with so you think I could, I don't know, work out on my own by now, but I'm not really a self motivator.  Oh using 12lb weights are just fine, forever!  There's no need to increase!

Anyway, back to the treadmill....I have probably ran about 17 miles in the last 2 weeks.  One of my little toes began to hurt and later turned blue!  I contacted the organizer of the running group I joined on facebook, (but have yet to actually run with) which is affiliated with the local running store, Johns Run/Walk.  Shocker! He said I probably need new running shoes!  ThaKing made fun of me when I immediately ran out and bought those new Nikes!  He will rue making fun of me when I leave him in my dust in this year's Shamrock Shuffle!  That's right... rue! 


valerie said...

You crack me up Brandi. I wish I could say it was 7lbs. For me it's more like 10lbs. since summer!
I am thinking Feb 1st is a good day to start since Jan 1st didn't quite work out.....

Rick Smith said...

Whaddya bet ThaKing's shoes fit improperly also?