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Monday, January 4, 2010

The marathon that is Christmas is over and decorations are down. Maybe it's part of growing older or working so much, but the holidays certainly fly by now! We had a great visit with thaKing's family in OH the weekend before Christmas and then traveled to London to see my parents with the favorite grand-dog in tow. My dad would be very upset if Elka was a no show. We had a silent night there with a power outage for about an hour. Of course, as soon as we found the coal oil lamp the power came back on. It was great to spend time with everyone there.

I had a very domestic Christmas as far as presents go. I received a sewing machine from my parents and a crock pot and new sauce pan from thaKing, all of which I was actually very excited about. Hopefully I have my mom's knack for sewing. The woman made her own prom dress, which was beautiful and I could not even fit into it when I was 12 year's old let alone a senior in high school. I have great aspirations of making a giant dog bed for Elka similar to this doggie duvet, pillows, drapes, and sundresses. Hmmm....maybe I should be practicing now.... Also, one of my favorite presents I received was this (in almost life size) portrait of Elka from my favorite photographer, Jeremy King Photography.

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Rick Smith said...

Glad y'all had a great Christmas, as we's a little depressing when it's all over, isn't it?