Gator Bait

Sunday, September 27, 2009

thaKing and I went to the UK football game on Saturday. The only fortunate thing that occurred was the monsoon that was last week stopped right before kickoff. There is always a scintilla of hope when the Cats play the Gators, that after 20 some straight years of being beat by the Gators, the Cats may actually win. That hope was slashed immediately in the first half of the first quarter. At least we had the entertainment of the guys sitting in front of us. One fan became angry with the guys because they were booing the Cats. The angry fan called them out for wearing Wildcat blue and booing the Cats. I thought I was going cry laughing when one of the guys yelled to the angry fan "hey guy, hear that, I'm booing a bad call that was made against the cats." Guess you really had to be there though.

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