Elka tired....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Dog Paddle absolutely wore Elka out! She finally perked up on Sunday around 6:00pm. We arrived at the Dog Paddle on Saturday about 10AM. We were informed to get there early because the water gets nasty. I'm thinking lots of dogs, saliva, so that makes sense. It was something much worse. I will leave it at that.

Elka walked into the Woodland Park pool on her back legs alone. thaKing was trying to prevent her from pulling, which resulted in lifting Elka up in the air. Pinch collar or not, Elka saw other dogs to play with and she desperately wanted to get to them. I proceeded to sign all of us in while thaKing tried to control the howling Elka. I affectionately referred to her as the crazy dog, while signing in without a dog in immediate tow.

Once inside the fenced area, we released Elka from her leash and immediately lost sight of her. Was she headed towards the water? No, just running laps around the pool and chasing any dog that would give chase. Eventually I caught up with her and leashed her up to lead her into the wading pool. After-all, the water was why we were there. She walked in the water and was slashed and howled at by another dog. She wanted none of that and leaped from the pool to run some more.

After she tired out some, she accepted the fact that the water could be fun, as she chased tennis balls into the water. I think she also watched her new friends Callie and Ajax enjoying the water, so that helped her acclimate. We left after about one hour and half. Elka napped some when we got home but then I took her back out to go to the Barkery since she was so good at the Dog Paddle. She slept until about 8AM on Sunday to just go outside and then come back in and sleep until 9:30AM. Why can't we have a Dog Paddle every weekend!

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