Easter Recap

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Photo courtesy of Jeremy King Photography

Proud Grammy
thaKing family celebrated Alex's first Easter in my hometown of London with my mom (aka Grammy, Granny, TBD).  We went to the church I was raised in and it was great to see those old familiar faces and show off Alex in his Easter john john. Despite discovering he can squeal really loudly now, he shockingly did not make a peep during the service.  Afterwards I ate way too much chicken & dumplin's and sweet potato casserole.  Mmmmm good!  But after all, I'm still basically eating for 2. And have you seen this boy? At 4 months he is nearly the size of the 1 year old that lives next door!  Anyway, I think we all had a great day, except maybe Elka since it is monsoon season and she didn't get to chase any birds.  And yes, that is the hat mentioned here.  The picture doesn't do it justice. I think I may have to wear it Friday in salute of the Royal Wedding!


valerie said...

You ALL look smashing! That Easter john john is adorable. And the hat? I LOVE it. It is so good to see your mom. She has not changed one bit! Looks like you had one happy Easter.

Brandi said...

Thanks, Valerie! I will tell my mom. She is one of your avid blog readers :)