The Bag Lady

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

As I trudged into the office this morning, I carried my Louis Speedy 25, breast pump bag, gym bag, and lunch bag. I had more bags than a homeless woman! Oh I also had my makeup bag stuffed into the Speedy. It's official, I am a working mom that puts her makeup on at work! Given that the Speedy was filled to capacity, I think it may be time for an overdue upgrade to the Neverfull.


DeefromCG said...

I knoe exactly what you´re talking about ;)

Legallyblondemel said...

A gym bag *and* breast pump to your full-time lawyer job? I'm tired just thinking of what your days must be like. Well done you for organizing that busy life of yours in a Speedy; may as well bring some style to the chaos (is what I keep telling myself but have yet to manage)!

And that Neverfull reminds me that I have a Mother's Day gift to plant hints about . . .