The Final Countdown

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Six days to go until BB King's estimated arrival!  He is now affectionately referred to as Alexander Grant King.  Alexander and Grant are two of my great-grandfather's names and my dad's middle name.   By the way, Alexander also means 'King.'  It pleases me so much to have settled on a name that means something and has family ties.  This boy has some mighty big shoes to fill with that name!

Pregnancy fortunately has been very smooth sailing for me.  I had some fatigue at the beginning but no nausea at all.  Supposedly that is indicative that you are giving birth to a boy.  Baby Alex has been quite the traveler with trips to Marco Island and L.A.  There was no slowing us down.  However,  now as I am at the 39.5 week mark, I am so ready to get this over with and move onto the main event of meeting Alex in the outside world.  Getting up 4 times per night to go to the bathroom, not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position, not being able to bend over, or move around very easily for that matter, is really starting to wear on me.  I pray everyday that Alex is a healthy, happy and normal baby and that his birth goes smoothly.  However, God willing, the sooner we get to that moment the better at this point :)   

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valerie said...

Oh my! You can do it!!
I am so excited for you. There is nothing better than seeing your baby for the first time.
Please post pictures as soon as you can. I can't wait to see this little guy.
So exciting.....