Elka Needs a Brand New Bed

Friday, October 22, 2010

Before Elka gets relegated to slightly less than top dog with BB King's arrival, it is my absolute intent to spoil her even more!  Her 2nd birthday is Saturday (tear') and she took a birthday pizza with her to Dogtown Doggie Daycare yesterday, to share with her friends.  I'm a bad mom, and apparently thaKing is a bad dad/photographer! We have no pictures of the pizza before it was devoured! We heard it was enjoyed by all.  Anyway, Elka has been in need of a new bed.  She has outgrown the one she sleeps on in our room ,and since it was a rush to purchase when she was a puppy, I've never been thrilled with the pattern.  You may recall that my very talented mother helped me sew the king size bed featured here for Elka that we keep downstairs.  Here is the inspiration from Fleabag Beds for her new 'upstairs' doggie bed... a nice bright trellis print with piping. Yes piping! That will be a new feat if I can pull it off. 

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Katherine said...

cute! i still haven't tried piping...let me know how it goes!