New Addiction...Boden

Monday, March 15, 2010

I did purchase and receive this dress.  It is quality fabric and manufacturing, something that seems to lacking now a days.  I ordered a size 6 and it is a wee bit tight.  Although Boden offers free returns,I find the unforgiving tightness of the dress to be inspiration to keep running and working out, just in case I intend to wear this dress without the need of spanx!  Anywho, I just went through the new Boden catalog this weekend and found these new must haves...just awaiting to learn of my tax liability before hitting 'submit order' at checkout!

Athleta update...something that I had not thought of....the GAP outlet which is only about 45 minutes north of here, now has Athleta in their warehouse mess of offerings!  I usually detest the GAP outlet because I refuse to 'dig' for items, even if they are $5/each.  However, I think a trip to the outlet is a must in the coming weeks to dig for Athleta items!

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(and mini boden...)