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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I really hate to bring up work stuff on here, since this blog is my outlet for fun things in life, fun finds, etc. Nonetheless, I have to vent about this uber pet peeve of mine.....why do so many people not understand the concept "I WILL CALL YOU WHEN I HEAR SOMETHING."?  Calling me at least twice per day will not speed along the hearing of something about your very important issue.  They must think that I'm sitting around filing my nails, drinking my Starbux (well that part is most likely true), while relishing in the fact that I have heard something about their issue, and receiving orgasmic joy in delaying informing them of said information.   Muuuhahahaha! 

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Rick Smith said...

Couldn't agree more....folks just don't seem to accept the fact that there are a select few of us who will do exactly as we've promised. And that means WITHOUT prodding!