Busy Weekend

Friday, October 2, 2009

Last evening we went and looked at a house that is for sale in the Stonewall neighborhood. It is on 1/2 acre and has a fabulous yard! A yard...not a .10 acre yard, but 1/2 acre. However, the house is slightly smaller than the one we live in currently. It is really hard to envision how our furniture will fit in another house...given that we bought our present house and pretty much all the furniture that goes in it, simultaneously. Then there is the whole "can we sell our house" issue! I fear change.

Tonight, we (and by we I mean me, thaKing and Elka) are all just laying around catching up on the DVR since thaKing and I were both gone last week. Tomorrow will be spent watching the Tide roll over the Cats, I'm sure. On Sunday I am going to London to spend time with the parents and see my sister and nephew Parker. I haven't seen him in forever so I can't wait. Somewhere in the midst of all that I hope to find time to plant the mums I bought during last week's monsoon. I need another vacation or to win Powerball.

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