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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So with a new puppy to follow around damn near every second, I've been even more lax on blogging. Thanks to the two of you that actually read this, for noticing. Anyway, as previously referenced, thaKing and I adopted a white German Shep. pup right before Christmas. (She was actually grey, until after her first bath.) My mom said don't get a dog, you have a beautiful house with new hardwood floors, a dog is a lot of hard work, etc. For a second before we went to purchase the pup, I heeded her advice, but I negated it and thought I can handle a dog. So off we went to purchase a puppy. We picked the one female, out of six, that seemed to chew the least on our shoe strings. For the next week I wanted to cry every five minutes! I admit it. I am not a person that is going to lie and say a puppy is the best thing ever. They suck! Constant supervision, the constant feeling and realization that your life as you knew it is OVER!

A week after purchasing the pup, which we named Elka (translation: noble one in German), thaKing admitted he was at his wits end with me, for not being able to handle the massive onslaught of responsibility. After that revelation I went to Wal-Mart. I planned my best argument for finding a 'better' home for Elka. Upon returning, and producing my oratory on why we were awful puppy parents, thaKing proclaimed we could never give her up. Gratefully, thaKing out willed me, and we still have Elka. It has been a sobering adjustment, but I am totally in love with her and become tremendously excited over all the progress she makes daily.

She has doubled in size (pert' near 30lbs. now!) and we are quickly approaching puppy class graduation--weather permitting. Speaking of, in the second week of puppy class, she so beautifully demonstrated her superb growling abilities and how she can take off my hand. The trainer indicated that we would assess this aggression situation in two weeks all the while attempting to show us ways of appeasing the aggression. It seems as if the training tips worked, as we have not heard another growl or seen another display of full frontal teeth from Ms. Elka. She still remains the most vocal puppy in class, however. Nonetheless, it is so rewarding greeting her at the end of play dates with Augie and Sonny, daycare, or wrapping up (literally in a blanket) after dog park visits.

We started letting Elka share our King size bed. I was initially opposed to this given she may grow to be 70 to, dare I say, 100 pounds! However, this new sleeping arrangement came about one morning when I was up with Elka at 5:00AM. thaKing suggested I go back to bed and take her with me. We slept until 7:30Am and that was only because thaKing called to see how she did and I feigned being awake, to no believability. Since then, Elka sleeping in thaKing family bed has been a regular occurrence, and we have all been getting more sleep, which no one is complaining about.

I love my little big girl, and hope, I can hang on, as she gets even bigger! :)

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