Maker's is Rockin' the Vote

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maker's Mark is encouraging people to get out and vote with their latest commemorative bottle. I purchased mine last week, which looks just like the one above. I later found out there are two versions, the one above, and one that is blue, white and red. I wish I could have purchased the latter, but oh well. Oh, if I could just get it signed by Obama, that would bring some democratic legitimacy to it. Be sure to catch the Maker's Mark Rock the Vote Tour bus in Lexington Oct. 30--31 and Louisville 11/1--11/5, and of course, vote!

By the way, I will be sure and keep Jeremy's brother away from this commemorative bottle so that he doesn't drink it! Who drinks commemorative bottles of Maker's? People from Ohio that have to ask for help with even opening the bottles, that's who!

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